Now, we are at a cusp. A point of change. We’ve actually been here since January. As a family that sets goals every year, w are very familiar with cusps. Mostly these goals have involved our children while we, Newt and Rockne, have fostered and encouraged our children to grow. But there has always been a family set of goals and our (Newt and Rockne’s) set of individual goals and goals we as a couple have together as Wife and Husband/Mama and daddy.

All of that combined has gotten us to this point. Converged, as if set by a Divine Plan.

I, Rockne, invite you on this trip that began in 1996. It got wheels, so to speak, when, during our 2022 goal session, I told our children that I would go crazy if I was not in an RV by 2024.

So let’s see if I do.

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